Delivery conditions as of 01-01-2020.

Summary from our terms of delivery:

As of this price list, all previously issued Silvera price lists expire. Prices stated in Euro are invoiced.

Our prices and offers are non-binding and can be adapted to the market situation without notice.

Delivery of Silvera Collections is delivered free with a Franco value from 750 euros within the Benelux.

 Delivery of Silvera Collections is delivered free with a Franco value from 750 euros within the Benelux. Below this value the condition AF ALMERE applies, which means that the handling costs of € 18.95 will be charged to you on your invoice. We make every effort to keep this to a minimum.

Goods are transported at the risk of the client. The goods are insured at invoice value, provided the invoiced Insurance has been paid in the past. By deducting Insurance from our invoices you indicate that you take this risk and there is any recourse against Silvera International BV in the event of loss or damage excluded.

Minimum order is 1 meter per article, or sample book unless otherwise stated in or on the sample material or our price list, English texts are binding. If less than 1 meter is ordered, 1 meter will be delivered and invoiced, unless the sample book indicates otherwise. Silvera International BV has the right to round off measurements on whole and half meters.

Delivered articles must, upon receipt, be checked for: Article, Color, Color deviation, Weaving or other errors, meters. Processed and / or made-up goods cannot be returned and will not be credited.

Cancellations are only valid if confirmed in writing by Silvera International BV. Ordered items cannot be canceled if cut or already in transit. Delivered items cannot be returned for any reason other than a defect in quantity or quality and in unedited condition.

Fabrics are not guaranteed against, discoloration, shrinkage and wear. Widths and reports can vary. Curtain fabrics, if held up to the light, may show unevenness.

Only a few fabrics are completely stable, an elongation and shrinkage percentage of 4% is acceptable. For fabrics, a report deviation of 2% can be accepted.

Our washing instructions are subject to change and we always recommend professional chemical cleaning.

All agreements are subject to the sale, delivery and payment conditions of the Dutch Textile and Clothing Conventions.

These have been deposited at all Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and are listed on the back of our invoices, official quotations and price list.

Silvera International BV will stop delivering if invoices are not paid after 45 days. If invoices are not paid after 60 days, the original invoice value will be increased by 35% and a flat rate of € 250, with a minimum total of € 350, without prejudice to the full right to interest and collection costs.

By ordering you declare that you agree with all our conditions at Silvera International B.V. and its partners.